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5 Reasons To Use Only Google Chrome

Large number of extensions and add-ons available: Chrome has one of the largest extensions libraries, add-ins, and integrated applications that enhance browser capabilities.

Clean and simple user interface: One of the biggest complaints about Internet Explorer is that it was the only browser available and many users were not comfortable. After the release of Firefox, many flocked to what Mozilla launched and renewed the way to navigate. Then, Chrome renews the web and many users liked the combination of simple and clean user interface.

Search for the address bar: By typing in the address bar, waiting for it to load and then typing what you want to search online is not a very difficult process. However, Chrome takes those three steps and combines them into one with the use of the address bar. Just type what you want to search.

Chrome Task Manager : Have you ever clicked on "Shift + ESC" in Google Chrome? Try it.

Incognito mode:The most amazing feature of Google Chrome is often ignored by users. Do you know what it is? It is incognito mode. This allows you to browse the web without having to worry about browsing history, download history or cookies. These are deleted when you close the browser.